1 cottage/room for 2 people: 4800 Escudos (44 Euro) per day including breakfast

Cottage/room + breakfast for 1 person starting at 2800 Escudos (26 Euro) depending on availability.

Homemade soup and other snacks at noon and available all afternoon: 400 Escudos (3,70 Euro) per person

Big dinner at sundown: 1300 Escudos (12 Euro) per person

Total daily or weekly costs for 2 people:
room, breakfast, lunch & dinner:
1 day: 72 Euro

7 days or longer: 68 Euro per day
For example: 1 Week (7days): 476 Euro

Touristic tax is not included in our prices.

Mar Tranquilidade is still closed due to Covid-19, but we are looking forward to the Autumn/Winter Season 2021/2022.  Don’t hesitate to write to us if you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you!

Susi and Frank


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